I Changed My Major

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  • 2017-03-28

I Changed My Major


When I began my freshman year at Northeastern University back in September of 1999, I was certain that I wanted to major in Computer Science. Just five months earlier, I had been accepted into the C.S. programs of three of the four schools to which I had applied. Like any 18-year-old, I was ready to get out of my parents house and eagerly awaiting the day when I would finally be ?free?. Eventually, I moved into the muddle we all know as freshman dorms and I began my classes. I got through the first couple of weeks just fine; however, my perfectly laid plans for myself were unavoidably deteriorating. All the programming that had to be done really did not interest me anymore. At that point, I knew I had to get out of the College of Computer Science, but I did not know what I wanted my major to be. After weeks of struggling in C.S. as well as struggling to find a new major, I had an idea of what I truly wanted to study. I took my most recent interest ? computers ? and combined it with the one thing that had been in my life everyday since fifth grade ? music. In the end, my outcome was Music Technology. I believe it is difficult for teenagers to have realistic ideas about how to profit from their skills. Therefore, I found it important to investigate what career I was interested in and what colleges would enable me to excel in that career. My ultimate goal is to become a record producer, however, before I commit myself to that, I would like to work for a radio station as an engineer and/or producer. I believe that coming to Hampton University will help me to accomplish my goals and live up to the expectations I have for myself just as Northeastern has thus far.

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