My Application

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  • 2017-03-28

My Application

Heald CollegeHeald College,?,

When I migrated to the United States in May of 1999, I had great anticipation for the new turn my life would take, and also to finally get a start on my educational goals. Even though I was ready for this drastic change in my life, I was a bit worried about how I would fit in with coworkers and classmates due to the fact that I would have a different background and culture. During my four years in the United States I have had a few encounters with persons who had absolutely no respect for my beliefs and culture due to the fact that I migrated from a small Island, and they had no knowledge of anywhere outside of the United States. During my last year at Heald College, I was introduced to International Business. During this term I would often had flashbacks of my unpleasant encounters, and wished that these people had done this course prior to me meeting them. Taking International Business opened my horizons also to other cultures. We all have our little ways of doing things, whether it is new or something that was passed from generation to generation. It is also important to respect each other?s beliefs even though we may disagree. I have always considered my self to be a fortunate person growing up, as my mom was a single parent. I did not allow our living status to distract me from my personal and educational goals. Staying focused in school was always my number one priority. By volunteering with Learning Leaders as a teacher?s aid, I was able to help middle school kids, focus on their educational goals by helping them with projects and homework assignments. Paying more attention to those who did not have the support at home. Growing up I remembered I always wanted to be a Doctor or a Forensic Scientist. After barely passing my science courses in High School, and finding out that careers in Forensic Science didn?t pay much, I was left with being unsure on which career path I would take. With math being my only other favorite subject and having several jobs in an office environment with number crunching, I came to the decision that accounting would be the career path that I would take. Working as a bookkeeper for three years has helped me lay the foundation for both my career and personal goals. It has helped me confirmed my passion for problem solving, number crunching and sometimes multitasking. Being that I enjoy both management and accounting I have decided to major in both Business Administration and Accounting, giving myself four more years to complete. Which would hopefully allow me to get a more rewarding job and be financially stable and able to afford a house and family by age thirty. Keeping in mind though that ?All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

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