Personal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan
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In my life I had countless ambitions and have succeeded at most. Since I had a say in what I could accomplish I have given myself specific goals, nothing too hard, although some took longer than expected. Some of my goals are short and can be completed in a day, being a mother of two young boys my life gets kind of crazy at times its easy to get sidetracked, but in the end it eventually gets done. In the last year I have lost a job and with the economy being the way it is I couldn??™t find a job. I gave my self a goal and an ultimatum, if I didn??™t find a job by the end of December I was going to enroll in school; this at the time was 2 months away. Since I have started school I have a goal list quit long. My goal list starts out with the goals that will take the longest to complete followed by the shorter goals, this was I always have my long term goals in front of me, I never forget. I would say my first goal would be to finish my online schooling and receive my associates??™ degree in education. This goal is going smoothly and I have almost completed it, I am half way through my online schooling. This step to my success makes my really happy and my confidence level has also grown. With this goal I don??™t plan on changing anything because I feel my strategy is going good for this goal. My next goal would be to continue working full time, but I feel that my schooling comes first and if I feel worn down I will take a break. Although money is important so is an education and I feel I will essentially get farther with the best education I can get. As of right now everything is gong great between my busy schedule between work and school so I??™m not thinking of changing anything as of yet. With in the next year is when I finish my online schooling and then I will have to transfer to a university to continue with my education. This would be my next goal, make it through my first year of traditional school. I made this a goal because traditional school really didn??™t work for me in high school. I am more of an independent learner, which is why I took online classes in the first place. To meet this goal I plan on making sure I breathe and not let myself get stressed out and most importantly, I will ask for help. Asking for help is crucial because no one can really do any thing of great importance by themselves. Besides its good to ask for help and to ask questions. One of my teachers had a sign in the wall of the classroom that said,??? the only stupid question is the question not asked.??? I have kept this I??™m my mind and repeated it silently to myself if I have gotten too scared to ask a question. After two years in a university I will have received my bachelor??™s degree in education and be looking for work in my chosen profession. This would be a long term goal and I would say I give myself a time frame of five years to accomplish it. There wouldn??™t be much that might interfere with this goal besides how the economy and job market are, which is why I gave my self a little extra time on my goal. I also want to look for work in a district that has a mentoring program seeing that is ideal in the education profession; one should be mentored to be the greatest possible educator. I am willing to meet this goal at any means necessary, even if it means relocating. Another goal I have would be to learn Spanish. I feel this would be a great goal to have because the united states are becoming more and more diverse and I have researched that bilingual and even trilingual teachers not only have an easier time finding work, they also get paid more.
The principle that I feel I might need to improve on would principle five; The teacher uses an understanding individual and group motivation and behavior to crate a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagements in learning and self-motivation. (INTASC Principles) I feel that I might have to improve on this because depending on the age group of children it might be hard to get them interested on something they don??™t necessarily like. It might be hard to get boys ages twelve to fifteen interested in home economics. Children between these ages tend to shy away from the different and unfamiliar, though natural hard to persuade any different. The good news is there are programs and extra classes to learn how to engage any age level. How, then, would we define engagement Perhaps the best definition comes from the work of Phil Schlecty (1994), who says students who are engaged exhibit three characteristics: (1) they are attracted to their work, (2) they persist in their work despite challenges and obstacles, and (3) they take visible delight in accomplishing their work. (Educational Leadership 1995) I have to agree with this mans statement because I notice these characteristics in myself when I enjoy doing something. As the responses to our questions showed, people who are engaged in their work are driven by four essential goals, each of which satisfies a particular human need: Success (the need for mastery); Curiosity (the need for understanding); Originality (the need for self-expression); Relationships (the need for involvement with others). (Educational Leadership 1995) After all this we really need to convince the student they can succeed and then the problem will be solved. What is student engagement According to Fred Newmann, author of Student Engagement and Achievement in American Secondary Schools (1992), engaged students make a ???psychological investment in learning. They try hard to learn what school offers. They take pride not simply in earning the formal indicators of success (grades), but in understanding the material and incorporating or internalizing it in their lives??? (pp. 2??“3). According to this definition, an engaged student is one who is intrinsically motivated to learn??”that is, motivated from a desire for competence and understanding, or simply from a love of learning, rather than a desire for a good grade, a teachers approval, or acceptance into a good college. (Motivating Students to Learn 2002)
There are many ways that I can track and evaluate my progress. I already keep everything written down on a calendar and I also keep a journal. In my journal I write about my progress and my feelings. I also write word of inspiration for those times I go back and reread what I have written. Another way I can track my progress when I am finally teaching on my own my student swill help me evaluating myself as an instructor. If the students are excelling that means I am dong a good job, if they are having troubles its my job to find out and fix it while I can. Motivation is something that doesn??™t come naturally to me, I feel I have to work up my motivation. As of right now my children are my motivation for my success so far in school. In the past my motivation was that I lived in a small town with nothing but factory work and I didn??™t want to end up stuck, so I did my best in school, graduated and moved away. Although I have only worked pretty much dead end jobs, the fact of being able to say at the end of my hard work I will have a career. Having a career is the most exciting thing to me because it means security and stability.
A professional organization I plan on joining would be the NABT, National Association for Begging Teachers. I think this organization is one that I would join because it has a strong message, NABT is dedicated to giving new teachers the tools they need and encouraging them to remain enthusiastic as they face the challenges of the future in the classroom today. (NABT 2007) The NABT is for new teachers in their first through their third year teaching, it is also non profit, meaning that it??™s a good cause as well. The NABT was founded in 1998 and provides a virtual community of counsel, advice, and a good supply of educational resources. (NABT 2002) From my membership to this organization I expect to gain even more confidence in myself and my abilities to teach. I also expect to gain knowledge from the resources available to me from this organization. Another organization I might join would be the NEA, National Education Association. This organization is free to teachers and was founded in 1857 by one hundred teachers all having the same goal, to better educate the words youth. Since the begging this group has fought for the rights of all educators and children. The NEA also has many resources including lesson plan ideas, classroom management help and a share and discuss section where you can keep up with other teachers who might share the same concerns.
Some techniques I will use to help develop my leadership skills would be to take more authority when I can, like at my job now. If I am given an opportunity to lead anything I will take it because any little leadership experience will help me in the long run. I have babysat a lot in my childhood so that has helped me develop some leadership skill already; I also have children so that is a plus as well.
I would just like to add that this class helped me learn a lot about the education profession that I didn??™t even know. I enjoyed this class as well, I have kept some of my assignment that I feel are important so I can look back to the for future references.

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