Personal Development

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  • 2017-03-31

Personal Development

Personal Development
The policy for personal development with my organisation includes something for every employee or student. To tie in with the vision to ???run the kindest care homes in the United Kingdom??? the organisation??™s goal is to empower colleagues to deliver the kindest care to residents. This will be by helping colleagues to develop new skills and refresh existing ones to enable them to deliver the quality of service that we would expect for our own loved ones. service writing jsp 101
The new programme ???touch??? will bring an exciting blend of online, classroom and work place learning opportunities to all of us within the organisation. The relationships between the educators/facilitators and the in-house coaches is vital for success for it is only through teamwork will we be able to deliver our pledge to deliver the kindest care. The aim is to move from a culture of ???training for compliance??? to a culture of ???training for quality and kindness??? (HC-One, intranet on learning and development pp3, 4, and 7)
For me personal development is continuous and persistent; it is a process by which one reaches their own highest potentials academically and personally. It comes through that personal motivation that there is a need to improve on what you already know-enhancing employments skills and to acquire new and current knowledge and to learn new skills in the process. This achievement helps a person in their everyday life but more importantly it helps in their day to day interactions with the people they work with and the people they are around in the everyday encounters
Personal development is important in the delivery of service to persons with health and social care needs. By developing ourselves and ensuring that staff and colleagues are provided with the opportunity to achieve the appropriate training we can improve the quality of the services we deliver. This will help to ensure that residents receive the highest standards of care. Personal and professional development should influence the practice all persons involved in delivering high standards and excellent quality of care.

(HC-One, intranet on learning and development pp3, 4, and 7)

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