Comparison between Results of Spot-the-Fake Smile and Self-Monitoring


  It takes me about 15 minutes to do the two assessments. With the intention of getting more accurate results, I followed my first feeling and instinct when I did the two assessments. The first assessment I did is self-monitoring. In this assessment I got 12 points which suggests that I am a kind of peroson with relatively high self monitoring. After getting a satisfactory result of the first assessment, I continue to do the next one with great confidence. I made 13 right decisions.

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  I do think the two scores are logically consistent with each other. Because people with higher self monitoring have some unique characteristics. Firstly, we know that  people with high self monitoring usually have clear understanding of their own emotions so that they can control their feelings quite well. In other words, they are sensitive to emotions thus they are good at reading people™s facial expressions. In addition, people with high self monitoring are not self-centered and are fond of entertaining others. To achieve their purpose of entertaining others they need to master skills of reading people™s countenance. In the long term, they are used to recognizing different emotions and face expressions. They can even connect different emotions with specific countenance and rarely make any mistakes. What™s more, people with high self monitoring often possesse very strong learning abilities and excellent communication skills. We know that recognizing people™s emotions is the first and vital step of communicating with others. And more importantly, they can focus their attention on a particular thing easily. So even a subtle change occures in one™s face can attracts a high self monitoring person™s attention.

  To sum up, with clear understanding of emotions, strong learning abilities, excellent communicating skills and focused attentions, people who have high self monitoring ability usually got high scores in spot the fake smile test. And it is reasonable to draw a conclusion that the two scores are logically consistent with each other.