Human nature and future(2)


  The relationship between technologies and the human nature, together with the relationship between human nature and the natural world has a lot of things to do with human and animals. This essay is going to probe into what the more important things between those two relationships are, what the meaning of human nature is as well as  why  human nature is important.
  The human nature is all about how we live and how we get to pass our gene to the next generation, the commons are food and sex. Furthermore, the way how human nature formed, the way that we have used to live for tens of thousands years, how it relates to the transcendence will be discussed. Contemporarily, we gave up our human nature and moved forward into a technology world, also the technologies are destroying our only home, namely the Earth, but we still opt to live with the advantages that technologies bring and have the tendency to ignore the bad dimensions that they have.  We spare no effort to surpass ourselves, as it has been known to us, evolutionary path of humanity  should be placed in the context of cosmic evolution which originated from the Big Bang toward making the entire universe alive. The evolution of humanity can be seen in roughly three stages in terms of human capacity: its formation, utilization, and expansion. The future is unpredictable, but today, we are reaching the point of fully utilizing our existing capacity as a super mammal and are about to launch the third stage of augmenting and transforming our capabilities. In addition, we trace the development of the concept of human nature from the traditional interpretation of human beings as the crown of creation, classical philosophy, to the idea of “death of man” proclaimed by postmodernists.
  Looking through this technological world and back to the human nature, we may find out what  the the human nature is truly about, what the specific idea and meaning are about and  what the fact that the human nature is not only regarding food and sex but also means something else is about. How it represents to transcendence in the future connects with whether we are still neglecting the problem that the technologies bring to us.  The world will be devastated incredibly fast if we continue doing what we are doing currently. In the future there will be a world which human beings can not be seen, and if we refuse to take immediate actions to address this concern,  it will happen soon. 

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  1) Is Human Nature Obsolete? : Genetics, Bioengineering, and the Future of the Human Condition. Casey, Timothy; Baillie, Harold W, MIT Press, 2005  
  I am going to  use this source to express the definition of what human nature is and to look forward into the future. I will also try to find out what the benefit and definition in regards to the relationship to human nature are.
  2) Human nature: What we need to know about ourselves in the twenty-first century. Clark, Mary E. 1998, 
  This source is an evidence. This is used for figuring out what the difference in human nature is and what we need to know about ourselves now. This examines the human nature in the twenty-first century as well. Beliefs about human nature from the Western worldview, different understandings of human nature and human needs, optimistic future models of human nature which I intend to use are also discussed in this source.