Personal Plan

Personal Plan Rough Draft
Norma Nunez
February 13, 2013
Keri Jo McWethy

Personal Plan Rough Draft
Throughout my twenty-four years of life I have seen a lot of crazy stuff going on within my family. From many drug addictions to a mother abandoning all of her children for a drug addiction, it really made me realize what I wanted to do in life which is help people out. So from this experience my goal is to either become a substance abuse counselor or work for Child Protective Services.
As of right now I am not anywhere close to being a counselor or a CPS worker. I am in the beginning of my career. I just started my college courses and will continue to do so until I walk the line and get my degree. I know it is not going to be easy but nothing in this world is. Everybody wants things to be handed to them in a silver platter but little do they know that we have to work hard for what we want to achieve in life. It does not matter what kinds of obstacles life throws my way, all i know is that I am going to stay strong and stay in school to pursue my degree until I get my career.
Many people do not make it far when they are going to school because they either get lazy or they just quit because it gets too tough for them to handle. I do not blame them one bit, because going back to school is extremely tough and you need a lot of motivation and support. So my thing is to keep my mind well focused on school and have my support, which is my family, keep me on check so that this circumstance does not happen to me. Other than that everything should hopefully run smoothly so I can be able to stay in school and graduate.
I believe that in order to work on getting your career you have to focus on both your strengths and weaknesses. The reason why is because whatever your weak in, you constantly have to be working on it until you know your strong enough. The things you are most strong in still have to be worked on also so that you do not forget how to use those tools and keep it as strong as you can. So basically you have to work very hard in both your strengths and weaknesses. I also believe that my career interest and competencies will help guide me in my academic journey because everything that came up on my profiler is very much indeed true with me trying to pursue my degree. Also my competencies are exactly how I am in real life so I know that both of these things will keep me straight in my long journey ahead of me.
In conclusion, I am very nervous yet excited to begin my degree. So in a couple of years I can be proud of myself and be proud of everything I went through to be where I want to be. I always say that my kids are my motivation, which they are, but in reality seeing everything I saw as a kid made me realize that I want to help other families out with situations similar to what I went through. I can not wait for the day I walk the line and my kids can see that their mom did something with her life to give them a better life.

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