Personal Reflection on the Self

Personal Reflection on the Self
Kelly Marie Shafer
Psychology 400
November 12, 2012
University of Phoenix

Personal Reflection on the Self

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My name is Kelly Marie Shafer. I am a student at University of Phoenix, working towards my Bachelor??™s degree in Psychology. I grew up in Pennsylvania with my twin and my older sister, my mom and my older brother where we have resided all our lives. We moved from place to place a lot but stayed in the Hazleton area because my mom did not like staying in one place for long periods of time.
The Self
We are individuals who look at our environment, as well as nurture and nature so we may develop our self-concept. Self-concept comes from our past and what we do with it in our future; by how we were and who we want to be. As individual??™s we look for understanding, as well from our hopes and fears. The three concepts that an individual experiences throughout life is one??™s self-concept, self-efficacy, and self-esteem. Individuals are seeing how these concepts have made individuals who they are today and how they see things and how they share their personal experiences as well as interact within their social development (Myer??™s 2010).
The self is how individuals perceive who they are. Self??“concept defines what has been accomplished, attributes and the role they play when looking at one self. According to Myer??™s (2010), self-concept consists of three major fields of one self which are Self-presentation theory, cognitive dissonance theory, and self-perception theory. The self-presentation theory is how an individual tries to be consistent without looking un-consistent or foolish (Myer??™s 2010).
Cognitive dissonance theory is the demonstration of how an individual motivates to keep consistency among their cognitions. Within this theory an individual is able to sense tension which will have them feel a lack of inconsistency within themselves. An individual who can justify their actions whether right or wrong is unreceptive to one??™s self corrections. Self-perception is the thought of comparing our individuality and self to another person (Myer??™s, 2010).
Self??“perception is how individuals judge the actions of others within their own environment, by their attitude, and traits. Self ??“perception is when an individual??™s attitude, behavior, and circumstances lead them to a certain behavior. Self-perception of the self can help mold us and our behavior in our future endeavors. The self becomes more identifiable by an individual??™s capabilities to perform and influence throughout life. Self-efficacy determines how an individual motivates, thinks and feels by their own self-behavior (Myer??™s, 2010).
The self of Kelly
I see myself in three concepts of the self which are how I perceive my surroundings, and self-value goals, and my characteristics. My self-concept is how I perceive my social world as well as my true self, and my role within society.
Self- Concept
Self-concept is how an individual relates to his or her own social world. Self-concept is how an individual experiences as well as the meaning of their life and how it connects to the individual. An individual??™s true self is the meaning of life which is how an individual sees him or herself and how the individual will experience life in their social world. I view myself as a wife, mother, and as a student (Myer??™s, 2010). I also hold myself in high standards so I can set example for my children as well as others, by doing this I look to my husband as well as family on how I should react or act to any given situation. Learning from my husband and family as well as my own experiences on how to handle different situations as well as how I handle them. I have learned through experience how to be true to myself, love myself, and know myself when maintaining and developing my self-concept (Myer??™s, 2010).
When maintaining my self-concept my self-confidence into play with my self-esteem because I have learned to think highly of myself. My self-esteem involves my beliefs as well as my feelings to my own values and my capability to solve problems. Self-esteem is the capability and state of mind that keeps me from falling for those who try and flatter me which leads me to danger. This concept is myself worth and me evaluation of the self (Myer??™s, 2010). For me to have self-esteem I must also have self??“efficacy.
Self-efficacy is an individual??™s judgment as well as concept to finish a task more effectively, better, and more rapidly than another individual by reaching a specific goal. Self-efficacy is the concept of self is how an individual motivates him or herself, acts towards others, thinks on their feet, as well as feel (Myer??™s, 2010). Self-efficacy is How much I am capable and obtaining my goals, as well as accomplishments. My self-efficacy is my under taking new tasks and achieving my goals while reaching for higher goals. Most recently my ability to continue my education and obtain my degree for my future goals in Psychology, which has raised my self-esteem and myself concept.
Social Events of personal development or experiences
When I sit back and reflect on my life, I had gone through several experiences and events that have helped me define my self-concept. At age 15 I became pregnant with my first child where I had to rely on myself, my self-esteem, and self-efficacy to adjust to the new environment and fears of not fitting in with girls my age or my peers. After my daughter was born I had to learn who I was and what I wanted for me and my child. I also had to learn what society expected of me, who I was to myself, and the role I wanted to take in society. My self-perception played an important role such as being a single mother with new challenges arising daily, my ambitions and my new goals in being a good mother to my child. My children depended on me to take care of them and succeed in everything I do from here on in to better me and my child. My personal developments are still ongoing as I thrive and accomplish my Bachelor??™s degree in Psychology. I am where I want to be in my self-concept, my self-esteem, and my attributes.
In Conclusion
Our environment has so much to do with who we are and how we behave. The self is how we see ourselves in a personal and social way and how others see us as well. The self has a lot to do with our self-efficacy, self-esteem, and self-concept. In loving oneself assists in all concepts of our lives. In my personal experiences I have looked to my past accomplishments and strengths for my personal goals, it has helped me become more mature with in this changing world. I am who I am and I am glad to be myself in a world full of uniqueness.

Myer??™s D. G. (2010). Social psychology (10th Ed.) New York, NY: McGraw Hill.