Personal Responcibility

Personal Responsibility is taking accountability for all your thoughts, feelings
and actions. Understanding personal responsibility is taught from elementary school all
the way through adult life. As an adult going back to school, understanding personal
responsibility is the key to successfully obtain your education.
As an adult, understanding and accepting personal responsibility is the key to
success. Adult students attending classes tend to have a better understanding of
personal responsibility. For example, adult students are focused on their careers, and
they want assignments and that are career relevant. They realize that study time is
important while balancing many roles as leaders; they should know what is expected of
them. It is critical that they get feedback early in the term. Early feedback allows adult
students to understanding the sacrifices that have to be made while attending school.
Develop a workable schedule that gives you personal time, and reserves time for you
and your family.
Sitting down with your family and developing a plan is extremely beneficial to
everyone. Personally responsible students understand to achieve a balanced plan; it
will require discipline, and patience. To balance school and a family we need to sit
down and develop a timeline of your daily schedule for a week. This will help you
develop a clear picture of where you are wasting time. When creating a plan however,
you should ensure you allow time for yourself, your family, and school. Try to achieve
balance with your plan, ensuring there is enough time to spend with your family.
Having a complete understanding how to balance your education with your family
will prepare the student for the highs and lows. Every human being has set
expectations and goals in life that they hope to soon accomplish. However; not every
human is perfect. Some live up to what goals and expectations they set and others
either choose to go on a different path or make a wrong turn listening to backseat
drivers, the normal reaction to that situation would be to hold the backseat driver
accountable for the mistakes that, but the person behind the wheel should assume full
responsibility. The driver has freedom of choice.
Whether it is to listen to that person over their shoulder or listen to his or her own
mind. The decision that is made in every special circumstance of our lives is
responsible for our own success and failures, happiness, unhappiness, past, and
So in summary, Soldiers are expected to be professional at all times. Weather in
a classroom, out in public, or just hanging out with others. Senior Non Commisioned
Officers are expected to be above all other Soldiers. We uphold the standards and so
lower enlisted will follow and emulate. If we are not professional then we set a bad
example. All of us within the classroom expect a clean work space in our units, we
should be able to keep a clean classroom space. We know the standards so we should
adhere to the standards.