Personal Responsbility

Being Held Responsible for ones own!

Being held responsible for ones own

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Being held Accountable for ones own actions. How is one to know if he/she is really to take on responsibility for what actions and or accountability as there very own. It is hard to really take credit for such actions at any given time.

Being held responsible for ones own.

Defining what ones personal responsibility is to me or any one person. Sitting at my office desk trying to figure out what does personal responsibility really mean to me. I believe that responsibility is taking credit or accountability for ones own actions and doing. Meaning in other words that if I or any one else did something that may have been wrong or even right that we should take the responsibility for the doing. Say for instant you were involved in a accident. You were turning and the other car sped up and t boned you. Well in this case you both were kind of responsible. You turned knowing the car was coming and the other sped up. In a cops eye you as the turning car is 100 percent at fault. Taking this responsibility is not easy but you knowing took that chance as the drive. It is hard at times to own up and take this responsibility knowing that there are or can be good conciseness and or bad conciseness. To be a honest person leads to a responsible person.

Looking back at my past college years I never felt like anything I did was my responsibility. I thought I know everything to make me successful at being the college student that I wanted to be. This was all a lie in discuses. It is easier for us to just point a finger and blame others for our responsibility turn and look the opposite way, I did this quite often in college. My grades were because my parents had me doing other things so I couldn??™t study and or do homework. These??™s really were my responsibility, I could??™ve took the time and explained to my parents. In college it is my responsibility to take my own accountability for my own success in college. Taking on such a responsibility will only make me a better person to know how successful I can and will be. I must say it is a training process to take on any given responsibility for me and probably any one else. One must train themselves to take on responsibility at any given time. Knowing that I must learn and teach myself to take responsibility will make me be a successful candidate for college. Knowing that one has to be responsible for there own actions such as grades. Taking on this challenge should make one realize that college is a huge responsibility. Not only is college going to make you or I a successful person but follows us thought out our lives and what we make out of the ourselves. For instants you get bad grades you don??™t pass a class that is your fault and now you must take that responsibility to either fix it and re take the courses with the messed up grade. If you choose not to then you just don??™t succeed in college without the passing grade. It??™s a responsibility to do thing the correct way. Succeeding in any education is ones own responsibility, no one else can be held accountable for ones successfulness. This is why I believe that the relationship between personal responsibility and college success go hand in hand.

To be a successful college student I need to take responsibility for a few different things. The major one that I have a problem does not want to do my homework and or course work on time or in a timely matter. I want to take responsibility to go online and just do my following works on the time that it is suppose to be done. Doing so I hope will make me realize that using time management is a good tool in every day life. It takes a lot of responsibility to keep up with all my daily life and school. So I am hoping that by using the time management and a daily calendar that I will keep on top of my responsibilities as a student. I plan on logging in to the student portal every day and seeing if there is anything I may have missed and look out for new emails and or post. This way If I see a issue or may be having a issue I can ask right away and will ask right away. The next big thing I will try and act on to make me take responsibility and hopeful make me successful is to make the time I need, by using the calendar and using my time wisely this shouldn??™t be a challenge unless I get off track. I have realized that I enrolled in college to be successful and I am successful so I can carry the pride on thought my life.

In conclusion to all the above, it takes a responsible ??“successful person to take acceptability for there very own. Responsibility in itself is not an easy task for anyone to own up to or just to take on. To believe that we all have responsibilities to own up to and take on is just as easy for us to point and look the other way; I will learn to be responsible for my own actions so that way I don??™t feel the guilt in not doing so. In doing so I will take on more then I want to , and taking the creditability for everything that I have done to be the successful person I wont to become now and in the near feature.


I don??™t have any references to this paper but my own words