Reasons for College


Reasons For College A college education and degree can open up many doors in a person?s life and career choices. In a person?s life there are many important factors, a college degree is one of them. There are many reasons why a person should attend college. College is a big learning experience for a person. A college degree can help you prepare for a particular area of work and path you will like to choose. Since college degrees are needed in most areas of work without a college degree it?s most likely a person would not be able to pursue a career in that area they are interested in. Most jobs look to see if you have a college career first. College can help expand a person?s knowledge in different areas which may be needed later on in life. Also People that have obtained a college degree are more likely to be employed and receive higher pay than a person without a college degree. College can help a person learn about their strengths, weaknesses and things that interest them in the field of careers and jobs. College can help someone can help someone learn about certain talents they might have not knew they had. It can also show a person what ?the real world? may be like, and a person may have to go through. It can help a person become mature and take on bigger responsibilities in the near future. Another reason for attending college may be to be a role model and to influence family members and friends. If a person has certain goals they would like to achieve in life, college may help them achieve them. College teaches a person how to be ready for life and work. Also by completing college and earning a degree it can give a person pride feeling they have accomplished such a big College can also be considered fun for a person. With college people can meet new, different people, and make new friends. A person will have to do a lot of socializing in life, and college is a good way to learn how too. In conclusion college is a excellent way to lead you on a strong and reliable path for a career.