Returning To School

 Returning To School I have always been a keen and good learner, and academically bright. To educate and enhance myself, succeed in my professional life pursued me to go to school. I have always wanted to get my masters done, but somehow the timing never matched for me. I sincerely hope to get my bachelors and then masters done. I see education as a better way of communicating and presenting my thoughts, my actions and myself. I think coming back to school will change my outlook to professional life. It will certainly give me a degree that I will be looked up to and a title that I could use my education for.It will guide me in a right direction and channel my thoughts and ideas in a creative and specialized manner. It certainly will create more job opportunities for me and give me a professionalism in my work. I think after a long wait before I had to come back to School. I waited for five long years to get back to school. In these five years I saw financial difficulty, pregnancy, premature child, death in the family, etc?so I guess I overcame my first obstacle by being back to school. I sincerely hope to keep going for the rest of the year to complete my school. I want to keep my motivation to the scale one so that my interest does not die down. This is the only obstacle that I need to overcome which I think I will, to be successful in school. Bibliography:


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