Senior Reflection


Senior Reflection As a candidate for the graduating class of 2005, I am asked to reflect on my undergraduate journey concerning the IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate Learning. These particular principles, total of six, concern with a variety of the characteristics of an undergraduate student. I have attained these principles at some point in my undergraduate journey at IUPUI. The first principle is of core communication and quantitative skills and this concern with my ability to read, write, speak, listen, and perform quantitative analysis, and use information resources and technology. I have positively and effectively attained this principle at IUPUI because I have written numerous papers expressing my ideas and facts in many classes I have taken such as English W131, and W231. I have also depicted my ability to communicate orally in one-on-one and group settings and I have done this in a speech class. Finally, I have made efficient use of information resources and technology for example: at the University Library, student labs, etc. I have used these resources for my personal and professional needs that are concerning school related work. The second principle concerns critical thinking significantly, my ability to analyze information and ideas carefully and logically from multiple perspectives. I have attained this principle by learning how to analyze complex issues and make informed decisions concerning my future. For instance, I had to make numerous decisions concerning my major since I wish to attend a Medical School in future. I have also done research in laboratories and wrote reports and thesis papers on particular subjects which display my ability to synthesize information in order to arrive at reasoned conclusions. The third principle is of integration and application of knowledge and this concerns my ability to use information and concepts from studies in multiple disciplines in my intellectual, professional, and community life. I have used information that I have gained from my biology courses for example to change my living habits. For instance, Ecology class has immensely informed me so that now I take care of the environment that I live in and it has also informed me on the major cycles that take place in our environment and our impacts on them. This information has changed my view of environment and made me more concern about it. The fourth principle concerns my ability to examine and organize disciplinary ways of knowing and to apply them to specific issues and problems. It is of intellectual depth, breadth, and adaptiveness. I have shown intellectual depth by attained immense knowledge in the field of Biology by taking over 35 credits of courses in that particular field. I have attained intellectual breadth as well because I have taken courses in different fields such as Biology, Religion, Business, etc. and this demonstrates my ability to use knowledge in different disciplines. The fifth principle concerns my ability to understand society and culture. This principle concerns my ability to recognize my own cultural traditions and to understand and appreciate the diversity of human experience, both within the United States and internationally. Although I have resided in United States for approximately seven years now, I still haven?t forgotten my culture and traditions of being an Indian. I represent that both in United States and internationally. Furthermore, I have gained a better understanding of human diversity and culture while attending IUPUI because of its huge racial diversity of students. The sixth and the final principle tests my value and ethics. Moreover, it tests my ability to make judgments with respect to individual conduct, citizenship, and aesthetics. I have demonstrated this by making many informed and correct decisions concerning my future which has also allowed me to graduate in three years. Moreover, through experience I have learned to foresee the consequences of these choices and recognized the importance of aesthetics in my personal life. Thus, hopefully I have completely reflected on my undergraduate journey at IUPUI by depicting how I have attained the significant six IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate Learning. 

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