The Autobiography of a Girl

Autobiography I am just another ordinary seventeen year old girl who has many dreams of going to college and becoming a success. I have many reasons for wanting to attend college which include: showing people that I can do anything that I set my mind to, bettering my future, myself, my life, and to also help my family and others. I sometimes don?t consider myself to be an ordinary teenager because I haven?t had the chance to fully experience what other people my age have. For example, I?ve never been to a football game and after winning gone out to eat with friends, had friends over my house to hang out or spend the night and to top it all off I don?t even know how to drive a car. I have always been and consider myself to be a homebody. Not because I choose to, but because whenever my mom goes out, I am the one that has to stay home and watch my nieces and nephews who live at home with us. They range in age from two to ten, and it has not been fun or easy, but it has however, been a rewarding experience. By me staying at home with them made me realize that helping others, especially children is what I want to do in life. Aside from my life at home I am a great student. I have been a member of the Sam Houston Choir for four years, the managing editor of the school newspaper (The Raven), historian of Student Council, senior class representative of Principal?s Roundtable, publicity manager of the Photography Club, and committee member of Senior Class. By being a part of those clubs I had the opportunity to volunteer my time to wrap gifts for Elf Louise and help with the Beautification Project for Mission San Jose. I have maintained a 3.5 GPA, received scores of a 21 on the ACT and 1000 on the SAT. Along with that I am also a member of the National Honor Roll and Who?s Who Among American High School Students. With those accomplishments it shows that any student, especially from Sam Houston can be somebody if they put their minds to it. By being an achiever it has taught me to never let people?s perception of my school as a whole reflect upon me as a person. I choose to major in Biology when I go to college so that I can become a Pediatrician. The reason I want to be a Pediatrician is because, every time I see a baby or small child smiling or laughing it just brightens up my day. I am very lucky and grateful to have the opportunity of being an aunt to ten nieces and nephews, because they inspire me and help me to have a strong sense of patience. I consider myself to be a very intuitive person, that?s why I know that God has a bigger plan for me. I want to be able to help jumpstart it by going out and exploring the world, because it?s just waiting for me. I aspire to be a Pediatrician so that I can help and heal all of our ?little people? who don?t have a voice. I want them to know and understand that there is someone who cares, but sometimes I don?t think that my goal is financially attainable. I am a senior in high school and there are many things that I need that have to be paid for and it sometimes seems like a strain to get it. I?ve never really asked for much, but the one thing that I do want is a way to provide me to go to college. I will be the first in my family to go to college. It has always been a goal of mine to get a degree and be somebody. I want to be somebody for myself and my community by coming back and helping out. I see so many kids including my nieces and nephews who feel like no one cares for them. Well, I want to show them that there is someone out there that does care, even if I am the only one. Everyday you look at the news you always see a young person dying or getting killed and it just tears me apart, because I don?t want to leave this world without doing my part. I just hope that you can find it in your hearts to help me accomplish this one major and important goal of mine.