The Broadway Cafe


The Broadway Cafe
Angela Kennedy
Strayer University
Information Systems for Decision Making
CIS 500
Dr. Wei Huang

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The Broadway Cafe

Networks, Telecommunication and Wireless Computing
The Cafe would like to broaden its horizons and offer mobile coupons. M-coupons are instant redemption coupons that customers receive while either walking by the Cafe or by (or within a 25 foot radius of the cafe) a coupon for a dollar off a latte or a 15 percent discount on an order sent to their mobile device. To redeem the coupon all the customer has to do is present the cell phone so that the offer can be downloaded (Cohesion Case, 2010).
M-coupons are better than traditional coupons because they are readily available for customers to use; the offers are stored on their cell phones, most customers always have the phone, the coupon is available to redeem. This method of marketing increases the customer base and redemptions rate of the m-coupons over the traditional coupons since printed coupons are easy to forget or lose.
Since m-coupons are internet based, the same risks that would apply to e-businesses marketing would apply to mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is relatively new to businesses; therefore, protocols, privacy policies, disclosures, SPAM blocks and other security features would have to be revamped to fit the new mobile commerce.
The cafe could benefit from collecting and tracking response rates of m-coupons and use it to generate information about the customer. Analysis information that could be gathered would consist of cluster analysis and statistical analysis.
Custer analysis would be beneficial for m-coupons since it would market to regular customer??™s items that they normally buy and one-time customer specials of the day.
Statistical analysis performs such functions as information correlations, distributions, calculations and variance analysis. Analyzed m-coupons in this area would generate information on how well the products are doing. Information gathered could consist of what the customer was happy with or would like to change or when to promote different specials. Tracking m-coupons can prove to be beneficial no matter who receives them or act on them because m-coupons forwarded to other people can only increase our customer base.

Customer Relation Management
The Cafe is experiencing unusual issues due to new equipment and new employee??™s customers have to wait in long lines to receive service during peak hours. Management is looking toward internet options to apologize and rectify this situation with the customer (Cohesion Case, 2010).
In order to use YouTube as a vehicle to communicate with the customers the Cafe must get the word out that they are using this as a tool. Developing this strategy starts with fixing the issue that is causing this problem. Extra training must be provided to the employees in order to get them up to speed on the equipment. YouTube can be used to show off the new equipment and explain what management is doing to correct the issues. In the video, management needs to lay out the problem, detail how it affects the customer and then state the solution and how bearing with the Cafe during this time will only benefit the customer in the long run.
The benefits of using YouTube are being able to address everyone, when it is best for them; gives you a chance to explain what the issues really are and gives you an extremely large online presence. The cons are letting people know the information is out there, the customers feeling like their issues aren??™t being address and the video??™s just getting lost in the shuffle.
The process of doing this should be to first record the video, then to post it online on the Cafe??™s webpage, email it to people who have provided their contact information and then working hard to eliminate the issue.
There are other ways to address this is using Facebook and Twitter; this would reach and even larger audience. This gives the customer up to date information on their accounts instead of them having to search out the video or your webpage.
Systems Development Life Cycle
The Cafe decided to replace the manual employee tracking system your implemented in the 1950s. A highly-technical employee, Nick Zele, has offered to build the system. The other option is to purchase one of the many COTS applications and have an outsourcing firm customize the application for the cafe (Cohesion Case, 2010).
Pros of having Nick write the system is:
* Saving money,
* Having someone who is familiar with the way things already work
* Having someone onsite that understands the system.
* Being in control of the system
Cons of having Nick write the system is:
* Disgruntle employee could damage the system
* Knowing who will support the system if Nick was to leave
* Other employees may see it as favoritism
Pros of purchasing a system are:
* Support for the system, no matter who works for the Cafe
* Experience
Cons of purchasing a system
* Lack of onsite support
* Cost of the system
* The system fitting all the needs of the Cafe
The older employees may find it hard at first to adapt to a new system, so to ensure a smooth transition I would inform them why is a better system, try to keep some of the basics the same and work with them at their pace to train on the new equipment. I would also make sure they had a system to practice on so that when the Cafe is slow they can get more familiar with it.

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